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What is a doula?
 A doula is a non medical birth professional who provides physical, emotional, and informational support to a woman(and her partner) during the pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period.  A doula should not advocate for her clients, but rather listen to them and gather evidenced based resources for them so they have the information they need to advocate for themselves leaving  them feeling more empowered about their decisions.
What if I took or will take a childbirth class? Do I still need a doula?
               YES!  Having a doula at your birth is like having your childbirth educator with you.  Labor gets intense and it can be difficult, in the moment, to remember and apply everything you learned during your classes.  A doula can suggest position changes that may not have been covered during your classes that she has learned through specialized training work shops and years of experience. She can also help keep you focused when labor becomes challenging.
  I want an epidural.  Does this mean that I can't have a doula since I won't be having a natural birth?
             Absolutely not!  Just because you want an epidural (either upon arrival at the hospital or later in your labor) does not mean that you can't have a doula.  Doulas support women and all the decisions they make.  Even women who are having a planned C- section can benefit from having a doula!  If you choose to have an epidural a doula can be helpful in suggesting position changes to make you more comfortable and to help your labor continue to progress at a steady pace.  
My.............. will be with me,  Is it really necessary to have a doula?
           Yes!!  Your doula is not emotionally involved in your birth in the same way that a parter or family member would be; both types of support are equally important during labor.  Your doula serves as a secondary support person who will not and cannot take the place of your partner/mother/sister/etc.  Rather, your doula will help the other people present during your labor help you in a more effective way, resulting in a more positive birth experience for all involved.  
What is the difference between a doula and a midwife? (If I only had $1 for every time I get this one
A doula is a non medical professional who provides uninterrupted support to you during your labor and birth.  A midwife's job is comparable to that of an OB/SYN in that she provides medical services to you and is looking after the safety of you and your baby during birth and is not at your labor as long as a doula.
    You deserve a doula who is confident and knowledgeable in serving all walks of life.  I have years of experience supporting families from; no income, teachers, real housewives, nurses, a nationally syndicated radio show host., NFL players, police officers, military, missionaries, doctors, surgeons, lawyers, and everyone in between.  I am also proud to serve a very diverse ethnic group of families from around the globe, and I look forward to your birth journey!!
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